Model Documentation

Documentation forms a huge part in communicating design and thought process when modelling data. ALFA helps in capturing this information to generate HTML documentation showing relationships and links between model objects.

ALFA data models can be embedded with specially tagged comments that can be used in generated documentation.

There are 2 forms of documentation tags.

  1. Lines preceding the target declaration to contain lines beginning with # or block surrounded with /# and #/.
  2. At the end of the line declaring the target to be commented, add ## followed by comment.
    This is an example of a doc-string on multiple lines.
    This will be associated with the Request record.
record Request {
    # This is a doc-string on the Payload field
    # on multiple lines, as individual doc-strings.
    Payload : binary
    Origin : string ## This is same-line doc-string on Origin

Markdown syntax can be used as formatting for comments which will be formatted as HTML for generated documentation.

In order for Markdown format documentation to be used, when using /# #/, the documentation should be in a new line and the lines containing /# #/ should not include any documentation. Lines starting with # will also be treated as Markdown enabling specifying bold, italic etc.